Meet Brian Tom, “America’s Visionary Speaker” and author whose powerful messages have inspired millions. At the age of 20, while attending UCLA, Brian founded his first company, California Educational Centers, Inc. One year later, he was diagnosed with the eye disease glaucoma, and blindness set in. Brian tragically went from being a young, vibrant entrepreneur with a bright future to a blind man with a life-changing illness and disability. He would undergo 20 eye surgeries in the next 15 years. It was through this journey that he strengthened his faith, vision, and leadership to deal with life’s challenges and found his passion in public speaking.

Today, he is the CEO and Founder of 5 companies: Brian Tom Speaks, Xtreme Promos, California Educational Centers, Blind Start of America, and most recently College Goldmind. In 2009, Brian received the national Asian-American Heritage Award for Community Service. His debut book publication, “Stepping Stones to Success”, features best-selling authors Deepak Chopra, Jack Caneld , and Dr. Denis Waitley.

Brian Tom provides his marketing expertise to all College Goldmine clients. He helps shape applications that truly shine in the eye's of a college application reader. He also has many connections in the business and media world and can help his clients get a foot in the door and expand their meaningful activities.

Bryan West has been an educator and counselor at Whitney High School, one of the top three high schools in the nation as well as an admission reader for the University of California system. He has earned dual Masters degrees in Education and Administration.

His insight and experience in reading thousands of freshman applications while working with thousands of top performing high school seniors allows him to demystify the college application process and reveal the secrets of how students can best position themselves and create the strongest possible application for Ivy’s, UC’s and top private universities. He has helped students reach their dreams schools and even school s they thought were previously unattainable. Bryan gives you the insiders connection to the high stakes world of college admission and provides everything students and parents need to know to have your application leave the others in the dust.

Brian Tom and Bryan West